Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Meta Tag Generator Tool for Bloggers & Webmasters

Meta Tag Generator Tool

META tags are the most popular HTML tags that describe the contents of a webpage and tell the search engines what your blog or website is all about. Meta tags allow search engines to index your web pages more accurately, it also communicate with the search engines and tells more information about your site and make it index your site more accurately and correctly.

A Mata Tag generator tool has been created to assist bloggers and webmasters to create important tags within a second without any knowledge of SEO. Below is the Meta tag creator tool with the meaning of each terms, all you have to generate your Meta Tag is to fill the form and hit the “Create Meta tags” button and paste the results in your blog or website HTML page header i.e. between the <head> and closing </head> tag.

Meta Tag Generator Tool 

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  1. I integrate meta tags on my site via a plugin since I use WordPress. This would be helpful to platforms without ready to use solutions.
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