Friday, 2 November 2012

The Long And Short Of 3D Printing

3d printing is a marvel. It is a concept like no other. Students the world over have discovered it in a big way and what they have achieved is nothing short of a wonder. The best part is that just like any large scale organization manufactures things in huge quantities and keeps the prices in check, 3d printing allows you to do the whole thing on your own and make whatever in the world you care to conceptualize while keeping the cost at a minimum. All you need is your imagination. There are things that have been going on for ages and innovation becomes a key. 3d printing, however, is a whole different ball game.

Innovation is where it begins and it is all about innovation. There is hardly a relative field left where the modern world is not being benefited from 3d printing. Students doing research in the medical stream have done a lot. Prosthetic were there to begin with but it would take an entire career span for someone to be an expert at guessing and remodeling an implant. Things are a lot different now. A very common yet crucial example is that of any ball and socket in the human body which have been made with remarkable success and an affordable price at the same time.

What a person gets to look at on a piece of paper differs enormously from reality. Nothing comes so close to reality as does 3d. Maps, for instance, were always a different proposition. The geniuses amongst us would somehow decipher looking at the plain, oddly colored piece of paper as to what regions depicted mountains and which ones screamed desert. It was odd for the best of us. And today, you can look at the map of the world and tell what lies where. It’s a revolutionary technology.

Experts are churning out every possible thing in 3d. So much so that even construction is being made impeccable using the technology. Whatever 3d may or may not do but the one thing that it does ensure is perfection. You would know beforehand what you shall be getting. Another sphere where 3d printing has enthralled all those it has touched remains education. The kind of things that have happened there and those that remain to be seen warrant much more thought and research than this space allows. All in all, with 3d printing, it is a new day every day.  

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