Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The World's Top Tourism Destinations - World Tourism Rankings



International tourist arrivals

1France79.1 million
2Spain58.5 million
3United States51.1 million
4China49.6 million
5Italy41.1 million
6United Kingdom30.1 million
7Germany23.6 million
8Mexico21.4 million
9Austria20.3 million
10Russia20.2 million
11Turkey20.1 million
12Canada18.2 million
13Ukraine17.6 million
14Malaysia17.5 million
15Hong Kong15.8 million
16Poland15.7 million
17Greece14.3 million
18Thailand13.9 million
19Portugal11.3 million
20Croatia11.2 million
21Netherlands10.7 million
22Macao10.7 million
23Hungary9.3 million
24Egypt8.6 million
25South Africa 
26Ireland8.0 million
27Saudi Arabia8.0 million
28Switzerland7.9 million
29Singapore7.6 million
30Morocco7.5 million
31Japan7.3 million
32Belgium7.0 million
33Tunisia6.5 million
34Czech Republic6.4 million
35South Korea6.2 million
36Bulgaria5.2 million
37Australia5.0 million
38India5.0 million
39Indonesia4.9 million
40Denmark4.7 million
41Bahrain4.5 million
42Brazil4.4 million
43Argentina4.2 million
44Dominican Republic4.0 million
45United Arab Emirates3.9 million
46Norway3.9 million
47Puerto Rico3.7 million
48Vietnam3.6 million
49Bosnia and Herzegovina3.5 million
50Taiwan3.5 million
Data: 2007


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