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Top Reason Why Students Should Blog

Yesterday I Got Question in My Mind That “Why Student Should Blog” of course I had around a million answers to respond But I’m Little Bit Confused In That, Then I Started Searching Why I Started a Blog and The Answer Comes Out is

                “Blogs give individuals an opportunity to express their opinions and make them count in a world of millions of others. Years ago, you needed to be a journalist or a politician to get your opinion heard; today, blogs offer anyone the opportunity to express oneself.”
Now When I Started Thinking Little Bit Deeper I Realised That Blog Provides Much More Than Just Expressing Your Opinions And Sharing Your Knowledge. Blog is Much More Helpful For Students Than Others. I’m Listening Some Points.

    1. Makes You More Creative
I Started blogging at Age of 14, I Started So Late Because of Some Kind of Laziness.

Why? Because i never made up a goal, a plan that would lead me towards it. So i was never behind my objectives.

But after starting up with blogging and writing article and post daily for my blog and for others (guest posting), it really turned me over and my personality, with in no time. Now, i would plan out my posts in advance  (weeks ahead).

Posting consistently really made me more Creative. Now i don't feel like wasting my entire day, either sitting around the TV or playing thousands of hours of online games. That was really a dark age in my life. I Try to Become Busy in Writing Post For My Blog or For Others This Made me More Creative.

      2. Develop Analytical Thinking
It is one thing to republish the news or the facts that you read about, but adding value to them and figure out new angles is what will improve your analytical thinking. After all, for most subjects people already have a source for the news, so from you they will be looking for something a bit more insightful.

      3. Improve Your Writing Skills, Grammar And Give You Wider Vocabulary
As I write in my second language I broaden my vocabulary by having to find words representing what I am trying to say. But if you blog in your first language this same thing will probably work with synonyms and finding more precise definitions on what you are trying to say. Thus both will give you a wider vocabulary. Along with this you will improve your grammar by writing on a regular basis. 

      4. Make You Famous
Yes It Is Odd But It is True That Writing Quality Content For Your Blog Makes You Famous In Blogosphere. Popularity normally attracts young guys who believe that they would live long enough to enjoy that status. once you start earning some bugs, people start to recognize your efforts.

      5. Stay In Touch With World
As a blogger, you consider your self a person from media, and thus you tend to get more and more closer to the happening and events going out in the world. The more time you spent online, the more updated you get with the world.

    6Improve Your Skills To Express Yourself

It is one thing to use well thought out words and proper grammar, but expressing yourself in a way that influences people takes quite some talent. Some might have I naturally, while others have to work on it, and might never reach the same level. A blog could be a great place to practice.
  Make You Handsome Amount Of Money
Students can make money blogging easily because it is a very flexible job. You can choose to work full time or part time depending on your availability. writing for other blogs is another way to earn some extra money. You’ll earn money depending on how many articles you can write. It is just like writing an essay for school. Being a student is not an excuse to skip out on saving up for your future. It’s the right time to be responsible and to prepare yourself of what’s yet to come.

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