Friday, 14 September 2012

How to Get More Likes on Facebook & Derive Vister

Getting more Facebook "likes" on your fan page is a great way to reach new customers. One way that makes this a more effective marketing method is the fact that once people have "liked" your Facebook page you can reach out to them with posts and status updates for free! How cool is that? Here are several tips to help you get started moving in the right direction with your Facebook page.

Put a like box on your website: 
Facebook offers you the ability to embed a like box on your website with just a few snippets of code. This will allow more of your website visitors the chance to see your page and click that "like" button.
Invite your clients, friends, and email newsletter subscribers: 
Chances are you already have some Facebook friends, clients and customers, or people subscribed to your email newsletter that don't yet know about your Facebook page. These are perfect prospects to reach out to for easy "likes" because they already know who you are and will probably more interested in what you offer. Simply send them and invite from Facebook, send them a simple email, or ask them in person and I'm sure they won't mind.
Run contests and promotions: 
Giving away free stuff can sometimes be very well worth the investment. Imagine how effective something like a simple promotion on your Facebook page such as "like us on Facebook for a chance to win a free dinner for two at our new restaurant" could be... I know if I saw something like that at a place I enjoy eating at I'd for sure click that like button so fast that it could make your head spin!
Tag your fans and other pages in status updates: 
If you take photos with people or mention other Facebook pages in your status updates try tagging them. This causes your stories and photos to show up on their pages and become visible to their fans as well.
Link your Twitter account: 
You may link your Twitter account with your Facebook page so that when you post a status update on Facebook it will also go out as a tweet to your Twitter followers. Don't worry if it's a long post because Twitter will automatically shorten the character length and provide a shortened link that points to the original Facebook post. This is a great method for helping people on Twitter find out about and "like" your Facebook fan page.
Ask yes or no questions: 
Not only is this a good way to gather valuable feedback from your fans but it is engaging and gives them something to do. People generally tend to enjoy voicing their opinions and it doesn't usually take much time to answer a simple yes or no question.
Click "like" if: 
Another effective way to get more of your readers to "like" your page is by telling them to "click like if... " Posting simple updates such as "Click like if you are glad it's Friday", or "Click like if you have checked out our new products/services" can go a long way.
Fill in the blank posts: 
Lets face it I'm sure you have participated in something like this at least once. People love to show off their creativity and it's hard to resist finishing some fill in the blank posts like "If I could travel anywhere right now I would go to __________", and "If I had an extra day off this week I would __________."
Share industry related news and information: 
Some people just love to keep up with the times and digest fresh information about your industry. What better way to establish yourself as a good source of news and information than posting updates about it on your Facebook fan page? Find some hot topics and trends that are happening in your industry and see what your Facebook fans think about them!
Run a targeted Facebook ads campaign: 
You may also consider running a low-cost and targeted ad campaign to promote and get more "likes" for your fan page with quicker results. Try to focus on just getting people to "like" the page instead of clicking through by posting something or making statements that most people would agree with and saying click "like" if you agree. Just don't forget to have a decent page set up just in case they do decide to click through to your page. You don't want them to just see your wall or info tab if you have a special offer or a sales page.


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