Saturday, 15 September 2012

Young Facebook users spend 8 hours a day on Facebook

18-25 year olds Facebook users spend eight hours a day on the most popular social networking site and check their Facebook accounts more than 20 times a day, according to a survey conducted by  VoucherCodes.Co.Uk, a UK based e-commerce site.
Young Britons are so obsessed with Facebook that they log onto the social networking website over 20 times a day, remain worried always about their ‘online appearance’ and spend over 8 hours a day which is equivalent of a full working day, according to the upshot of the research.
Dodgy images noticed by friends are the major worries in life for more than 38 percent of Facebook users, especially for girls.
Duncan Jennings, co-founder of VoucherCodes.Co.Uk said: “Facebook is an integral part of young people’s lives but it’s putting pressure on them to fit in and look the part, which is especially challenging for groups likes cash-strapped students.”


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