Friday, 14 September 2012

Seeking Ways to Succeed As a Social Media Strategist

Good things happen because of social media. Many companies or organization are now happy in their online presence because they are portrayed in a positive light. They can expand further in their business and reach out for more people as long as they know how to manage their social media networks and use it wisely.
Since social media is being used by hundreds of companies and other organizations, it's important to focus on the strategies to successfully launch the business. If you are just starting out in the social media practice, it's unlikely that you'll be finding the solutions quickly or there is a chance that you'll end up making huge mistakes. If you really don't want to lose clients, you really need some help to launch a successful social media program. For that, you need to become a good strategist. Here are a couple of ways on how you can become one:
Be proactive
When you are talking to a prospective client, you don't wait for the company to tell you what to do. If there is something lacking in their campaign strategies, advise them on what to do. Tell them exactly what needs to be done and not waste time. Provide them with a list of programs that you are offering and be clear with the guidelines. One example would be advising your prospective client about using Facebook Fan Page or setting up a Twitter account especially if the company's customers are found in these platforms.
Take action immediately
Once you have taken the role as an adviser, don't wait and move on to the next phase. You got to "talk the talk" and take action. Show your clients how social media works and how it's supposed to be done. Remember that your client may express skepticism at first and do not entirely trust social media unless he or she has seen the results. Assure your client that social media is the real deal by simply showing them your experience and skills.
Educate your clients
Of course, you cannot be there entirely for your client forever and would not need your services all the time, especially if you are really a busy person. So what you can do is provide enough training and seminars for employees who would be taking responsible soon in their programs.
Make sure to organize
You really don't want all your hard work go down the drain and you certainly don't want your client to end up getting disappointed. With that, you need to work on some organizing for your clients and introduce them with about social media guidelines policies, legal issues, processes, and even set up an ongoing education program for the employees. Make your clients understand that there are also limits as well. If restrictions are not set for every employee, it would be a breach of confidentiality.
Introduce social media programs
To make everything easy and smooth for your client, you can introduce a variety of programs for them to use and exhaust. There may be hundreds of social media management systems that will be of great use to their company. What matters though is that these channels would be used to interact and engage with your client's audience and make their community expand and grow better.
Go beyond marketing
As a strategist, you should make your client know that social media should surpass marketing, and exhaust it to improve your client's customer service, make their products and services better, respond to complaints and negative feedback, and accumulate customer experiences for promotion.
Bear in mind that even you are a social media strategist, it's unlikely that you'll be staying with your client forever. You may be an internal consultant for the company; however, with so programs or platforms that your client is running, you know they cannot manage all of them, so you need to teach your client to form a team. By leaving them on their own and for them to fend for themselves, they will be able to learn how to do it and can do some adjusting later on.


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