Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pak vs India Warm-Up Match Before T20 World Cup-

Pakistan and India are the most strongest rival in the world not only on the borders and territories but even in sports and specially cricket. The match against Pakistan and India is being watched with great fist and joy not only in these two countries but all over the world. That is the reason the in any tournament of cricket the match between there both countries are awaited by the match either they are concerned with both countries. The fist of the people can be observed by that Pakistan and India will play the a warm up match before the ICC T20I World Cup  2012 and all the ticket of the stadium has been sold out.
The chances of the match between these two teams during the ICC T10 World Cup 2012 are not much that is why ICC has schedule a warm up match Between Pakistan and India on 17th of September 2012. ICC has also scheduled some of the match rest of the teams but India vs. Pakistan warm up match is most awaited one. Well, the match is fully pressurized for the both teams they try their levels best to get a single chance to win the match. This time again the warm match would not be less than a final of ICC T20I World Cup 2012.
Well if we have a go through from the previous matches between both of these team Pakistan is ahead in winning the match but from last some time Green Shirts are not doing it as they had done in the past . This warm match will provide a great opportunity to both teams to get well prepared for the T20 Cup. This is also a great chance for the Pakistan to revenge back from India of the T20 World Cup Semi Final loss in 2011.


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