Monday, 30 July 2012

5 Search Engines You Didn’t Know Existed

No matter what the big 10 want you to believe, there are actually hundreds, if not thousands, of search engines on the world wide web. While these search engines might not be as popular as Google or Yahoo they can sometimes offer even better results. If you’ve never searched outside of the country’s most popular search engines, it’s time you did. Here are just five search engines you’ve never heard of, but could offer exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Chances are you’ve heard people talk about wonderful programs the government offers, but never been able to find the information. makes it easy to find any US government topic by searching all the government sites at once. Whether you run a non-profit agency or small business, or just need help with your next mortgage, this search engine makes it easy to find exactly what you need.

Don’t you hate it when you know the information is out there, but just can’t find it? Yippy is a search engine with one job, finding the obscure information hidden in the deepest realms of the internet. Whether you have a rare pet and need more information or want to learn more about a news story not covered by the top dogs, this is the search engine for you.
Northern Light
Doing a report, but don’t have time to make it to the library? Then this may be just the tool for you. Northern Lights allows both free and fee-based searching of books, journal and industry data. It’s perfect for students and businessmen alike.
Legal Information Institute
It pays to know your rights and this search engine makes it much easier to do so. Powered by Cornell University, Legal Information Institute gives you access to all the information the university offers when it comes to legal matters. It might come in handy when going through a divorce or fighting for workman’s comp.
One last search engine worth mentioning in similar to Google, but much better. DuckDuckGo is unique because if you search for something that has two different meaning, it will ask you questions to help determine what you really meant to search for. If, for example, you typed the term Accounting Principals, the engine would know to ask if you were looking for the company or for information about the principles of accounting. This makes it much easier to find the information you need without searching through pages of results.
You don’t have to spend your time with the top search engines. There are hundreds of alternatives out there and chances are they will offer better results with less spam.


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