Monday, 30 July 2012

Tips to Attract More Visitors by Offline Promotion

The concept of Offline Marketing is based upon; to attract more visitors / customers for business promotion using tools and techniques where no computer help required. Offline Marketing is all about creating something to fill the empty space that presents itself. By filling this empty space we come up, very similar to a seed which grow plants itself, in the same way off line marketing is a seed which grow in shape of attracting more visitors / customers. Admittedly no business can grow or survive without stability, unless publicized reasonably. As a result, most business owners eventually prefer advertisements in different means for their survivals.
It needs really a thorough consideration and expertise to solve advertising equations, determining where and how to spend on advertising. A wrong decision could plunk down entire advertising budget and receive absolutely no return, say a total loss. A wise decision does assure positive results with nice returns.
All businessmen are always look for offline places to advertise , to get attention and quality traffic Many intelligent entrepreneurs leveraging offline marketing, as it explored whole new horizons for business promotion and  proved much beneficial.
Give away items play a vital role in promotion of business. Select and choose some give away items may be it is Pen holders , desktop set or wall clock , mugs, pens, mouse pads or anything which you can afford easily. Give them away at meetings, seminars or at some other events.
Snail Mail: Most effective tool is, expose your website (URL) and email address in all ads and campaigns, on business cards and print marketing material. Looking repeatedly on your logo or font color, customers will become familiar with style able to recognize in a glance. It shall build strong relationship.
Give business cards where think fit. Create flyers and post them in all public places. Tell people the facilities /services you are offering.
At your company anniversaries or some other important day, distribute t-shirts, hats, handy towels, mugs type give away. Such activities get immediate attention of people.
Arrange meetings with people, who you think, are interested in your products. Introduce yourself and products with samples. Enquire about their demand. Try to turn their mind in your product.
Print and electronic media can also play a role to attract more visitors.
Swaping flyers and broachers are old strategies, but works effectively till today. Do attend business meetings.
Whether you choose to implement a few of the above ideas or all of them, this is your chance to really personalize your message and reflect your business image. Always keep quality concept at top priority .When receive order, first show sample as final approval.


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