Saturday, 14 July 2012

How Top Blogging Sites Make Money

You’re wondering, “How do the top blogging sites make money?” 

Well, it’s not that hard to create and optimize a blog to earn additional money or even achieve full-time income. And, literally, anyone can do it from anywherein the world

Everyone has the ability to create unique content on the Internet. Wannabe writers, artists, entertainers, activists, experts in any field, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, or entrepreneurs and marketers now have no excuse to not be ‘employed’.

Once you set up a blog to post your material, you will then need to monetize it.  The primary ways top blogs make money are listed below:

1. Direct Advertisers: This is where companies or marketers essentially rent ad space on your blog. You typically need either lots of traffic or a micro-niche to attract these types of ads; 

2. Pay-per-click ads: These are the Google text or banner ads you see on many websites. Google pays you when visitors click on these ads. How much each click pays is basically determined by the competitiveness of your blog’s subject.

3. Affiliate programs: This is where you promote a product on your blog and you get a commission when your readers click and buy the item. Almost all products and services for sale online offer affiliate programs these days. The trick is identifying the best affiliate programs for your niche; 

4. Ad networks: Some ad networks pay-per-click like Adsense and some pay-per-page impression (pageviews) without any clicks or purchases needed. These CPM (cost per thousand impressions) networks are only beneficial to blogs with high traffic; 

5. Sponsored posts or product reviews: Sponsored posts or reviews are where you write an article related to a product or service and companies pay you to embed their link in the article. This is one of the best ways low-traffic blogs can make a healthy income.

6. Personal products or hosting a store: Many bloggers develop and sell their own products or host a store at their blog. In fact, hosting a store and writing in depth product reviews of each item is a simple blogging strategy that anyone can do;

7. Premium content: If you’re an expert or teacher in any field, or even if you’re just a dedicated parent, you may be able to sell your advice with paywalls or by subscription newsletters that offer content above and beyond your free blog material. You can also sell your consulting services.

8. Accept donations: Many info-activists believe it is more authentic to go ad-free. So they operate their full-time blog solely on donations. Typically, running annual or semi-annual fundraisers with a specific plea for your goal is more productive than just putting up a donate button.

These are the most common methods top blogging sites use to make money, but each one has countless aspects to understand to maximize your results. And these aren’t the only ways to use your blog to make money online.

However, not all techniques will prove to be productive for everyone. It’s best to try each of them out if you feel they’ll be a good fit for your blog. Your blog’s niche, and strategy and scope have a lot to do with what will work for you.


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