Monday, 30 July 2012

How to increase Pageviews of your Blogger blog

When a visitor visits your blog by searching a topic or any way, then in your blog if he saw other nice and intresting topic then he will again click on that topic and he will be busy on that. In this way if a visitor will visits one after another posts of you blog or site then it will help you increase  the pageviews of you blog or site and decrease your site bounce rate. Even a single visitor is very important for you. You can use some tricks which is given below then I am sure that  increases your page views.

Use of Related Posts widget

If you keep use this widget after the post then when a visitor finish reading a topic or post he will get a new topic or post and he will be engaged in that. And it also increase better ranking of your site. You can follow give below link for this widget -:
Related post widget by

Use of Recent Posts widget

This widget shows that the freshly posted and old posted content of your blog or site. It is better to use this widget in your sidebar. This will also definitely helps you and your pageview of your blog or site. You can also use this widget for increase your pageview. Follow these link for this widge

Use of Simplereach widget

This is a nice and awesome widget which will help you and your blog or site to increase your page views. When your visitor will post then when he will scroll down then he will also see the recommend posts and then if he like that posts or topic then he will also visit that post or topic
Visit SIMPLEREACH.COM and follow the instruction given in their site to install it to your blog or site.

Use of Levels widget

Levels widget is a very impotant and usefull widget for any blog or site. He will also help you and your blog or site to increase your page views. And manage topic of your site or blog

Use of Interlinking

This is the most important thing for increase page views of your site or blogs. When you write a post in your blog or site, you give some links in post or give some links belo of post.
Now if you will use, follow, and install the above widge in your blog or site then I am sure that after a days before you will see the increase in your page views. There are also some other which I will share in coming posts.


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