Monday, 16 July 2012


It could be so easy, but it is actually a bit more complexed!Having a website does not guarantee that people will find it on the internet. Today, an increasing number of companies have a website, which complicates the task of getting out among its competitors.Search engines have emerged with the mission to organize the web content so that users can find the desired information. Depending on the platform your website is designed upon and how their content is prepared, the searchers will be more or less difficult to rank your website and present it as an option for the user at the time of the survey.How do I know if my site is optimized?We can consider that the search engine algorithms are extremely complex and take many factors into consideration to rank any websites. We here highlight some SEO factors "on page" that if your web designer does not pay particular attention to the set up,You Need To Look for a company that specializes in SEO to help you in setting up the criteria SEO "on page".Title - the title of each page must be unique and have a keyword that is featured for the page in question.

Header - as a headline in a newspaper should be a single sentence in your text and highlight the most relevant keyword.These two pieces of information are highly relevant to the searchers identify where the main subject of your page is that you are referring. When this information does not appear organized in a clear and objective Way, your website will be penalized and end up losing many positions in search engines to your competitors.Being on the first page of search engines and ahead of your competitors will ensure that more people will be interested to visit your website and increase the chances of new contacts interested in buying their products and services from you.


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