Saturday, 14 July 2012

Get More Twitter Followers - 10 Tips for Bloggers

On Twitter, the thought is “the more, the merrier.” The focus is less on the quality of followers and more on the quantity. This is perhaps because the amount of engagement on Twitter is limited with followers, unlike other social media
sites like Facebook. 

So how can you get more followers on Twitter? There is an option to “buy” more followers, but not only is this against Twitter regulations, but do you really want a bunch of followers with absolutely no interest in you?

These followers are not going to be retweeting you and interacting with you. They are basically just filler followers, there to make you appear larger than you are.

Here are ten ways that you can grow your genuine Twitter follower list without selling yourself short:

Update Your Profile

First, if you don’t have a photo uploaded already, make sure you do that now. Make sure it is a good headshot and not the generic image that all new users get. A picture of the actual user will give people a face with the name and keep them from seeing you as “just a spammer.” Next, make sure you write an interesting bio. Give yourself a tagline. Include your city and even your website. 

Be Easy to Follow

You should include a link to your Twitter account on your website, business cards, blogs and in your email signature. This makes it easy for anyone to follow you.

Interesting Content Only

You don’t want to continually tweet about your upcoming sale or latest product. Write things that will inspire and amuse your followers. Include helpful links. You want to tweet things that other people want to retweet and share with their own followers.

Post Often, But Don’t Overwhelm

Your followers don’t want to sign in and see a bombarding of tweets from a single user. Try to space out your tweets so that you don’t fill up the whole feed screen at once. If you have trouble pacing yourself, try an app like Buffer that will automatically tweet the pictures, articles, blog posts and videos that you find to share throughout the day.

Shorten Your Tweets

The micro blogging posts only let you use 140 characters total, so if you want them to be retweeted, try shorten your post enough to allow followers to retweet. There need to be enough characters to fit your username and the RT symbol.

Make Public Replies

You might think that replying to tweets in a direct message makes more sense but it can have the effect of making you seem unsociable. Try to only reply to followers publicly. Only the followers you have in common will be able to see the response.

Follow Strategically

Look for other users who are involved in the same industry. You can also search for keywords specific to your niche in bios or look for people that live in your area. Look at who is following the same people you are and follow some of them. There is a chance that they will start following you too. 

Retweet Generously

When you start to retweet what others post, they will begin to pay you back in kind. This will put your name in front of their followers. Instead of begging for a retweet, just write content that they want to share.

Don’t Over-Promote

It’s okay to tweet about your newest blog posts and items that you sell, but don’t become a spammer. This will turn followers off and they may even unfollow you because of it. Always change between valuable content and promotional tweets.

No Auto-Responders

Auto-responders are a quick way to lose followers. You might think that sending out an impersonal message to anyone who follows you is smart, but it just adds too much clutter for followers to deal with. 

There are a lot of things you can do to increase your Twitter following without being a nuisance or paying money for low quality followers, so don’t give in or give up without trying these tips.


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