Wednesday, 19 December 2012

14 awesome marketplaces to buy or sell a website

If you are looking to get a new site up and running with pre-existing traffic, or simply looking to move on a few sites that you have sitting around gathering dust, look no further. This collection of marketplaces are tailored made for website sales, and you can find both great domains and business you can turn around or flip.
If nothing else, they offer you insight into what is selling, and at what price – some even provide competitive data on the keywords and phrases that they are currently ranking on, and the traffic associated with them.

  1. BizBuySell
  2. UK Businesses For Sale
  3. DealaSite
  4. Ebay
  5. DigitalPoint Forum
  6. DNForum
  7. Flippa
  8. NamePro’s Websites for Sale
  9. Quiet Light Brokerage
  10. SEDO
  11. Tidget
  12. Web Hosting Talk
  13. Webmasters Marketplace
  14. Website Broker


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