Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Best iPad 3 Apps for Personal Development

We always see people round us, who are damn intelligent but they lack behind in the personal development, they feel short of self confidence and it’s not just them. I am quite sure that every 8 out of 10 people around you are facing the same issue and this is all because of awareness on the personal development.
Looking at this crucial problem, I have come up with the best iPad 3 apps for personal development and to gain the self confidence to compete in this competitive and fast moving world. These apps are quite user friendly and 

are easy to use.
Here are my picks for the Ten Best Self Improvement iPad apps:
1. Know Your Type Personality Test
This app is fabulous and is more than just for personality development. It is based on enneagram personality model which has designed 9 types of test for you and to prepare you for the self discovery and acceptance.
2. MindColors Color Personality Test
This is a quite popular apps which has the color diagnostic test which first showcase you how your choice of color and shapes reveals your personality. It’s a great app which composed of best color test program on the software platform.
3. iThoughtsHD (mindmapping)
How you organize your thoughts in your brain, how to take notes, how to create visual diagrams and how the mind map works, this app is all about brainstorming your ideas on iPad. This program is visually rich and interactive to use.
4. Evernote for iPad
Evernote for ipad is an which allows you to take notes, edit your document, spreadsheets and much more even on the go and it lets you groom your personality when you showcase your work on your ipad. It first came into existence for Windows and now it is been available for iPad 3.
5. Brainwave Tuner HD
Brainwave Tuner HD provides the complete information on the effect of changing sound in brain. It includes the session which is specially designed for enhancing the creativity, boosting up the motivation, for enhancing the learning capabilities and much more.
All these apps are quite useful and helps to enhance your personality and also boost ups the personal development on various constraints. It grooms you up to become confident in what you do and what you want to do in life a head. So if you are also among the one who is having issues with the personality development, these apps are for you my friend. I have tried these apps and have got benefited with it. Try out and do let us know your experience on the same. Your feedback it important to us so, do comment and share your views on this post.


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