Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Linux Much Better Option Than Windows

With the hord of many a small and big reasons, linux is definitely the OS of the century. I would advice to each and everyone reading this article to switch over to the free Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, to begin with. The benefits are just intriguing. Name a task and linux has it in it.

  1. Linux is a freely distributable Unix copy for PC's that runs on a variety of machines.
  2. volunteers across the Internet.
  3. The project was initiated in 1990 by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish college student, as a course project. Since that time, Linux has grown into a full-featured OS able  to run many applications ranging from designing to hardcore simulation programs, web browsers, word processors, media editing applications and a large horde of other softwares, including collection of high definition games.
  4. Linux is powerful, fast, and free, and its popularity in the world beyond the Internet is growing rapidly.
  5. Similar to windows UBUNTU also support cloud computing os and gives you better experience.
  6. The Linux is covered by the GNU General Public License, the same as used by softwares developed by the Free Software Foundation. This license gives the permission to anyone to modify and redistribute the software.
  7. Linux is a user, network friendly, and open source OS that have many advantages over Windows. Its multiuser interface is a direct blow to the popularity of Windows.
  8. Moreover free software is real fun. Linux distributions have large repositories to download directly. Also Linux is very, very stable that ensures glitch free working environment for any job at hand.  That's not only the point, most computer viruses and malwares are designed to work for Windows operating system, and there are very rare chances for a Linux system being infected. The other very important aspect is that Linux handles the rules of permissions very effectively. Therefore each and every file/folder can be barred from unnecessary access.
  9. One thing that is most painful about windows is that it slows down over time. With the segregation of junk in the registry and the fragmented file system, gives a bad name to Windows.  Linux does not have any registry that can slow down the system.
  10. Linux has very less hardware requirements as compared to windows. Linux is completely fit to run on that old pc turning into dust with barely any RAM or processor capabilities. Good luck to windows for that system. Moreover Linux can be easily configured to run as web server, firewall system, backup server.
  11. Linux is one of the most secure operating systems. Permissions and flexible file access protocols manage access by unauthorized users or viruses/malwares. With large repositories Linux users can safely download virus free software where repositories consist of thousands of packages. No requiring credit card numbers or other sensitive personal information is at all required.
  12. Also, the file system is much better organized and visibly run windows file systems.  Start using Linux and you will see the difference.
  13. Windows boot up time is a serious issue, whereas most Linux distributions boot up within seconds. So many benefits, so little a price rather free of cost. Linux is derived from the very robust UNIX Operating system, which is known for its strict User Permissions feature. Linux shell is embedded with this security feature into its core and this makes it the most secure operating system ever.  Thus, Linux is the safest platform to surf the web and run applications.
  14. On top of that, Linux community support is just awesome. The Linux community is filled up with thousands of active users that can help in solving from trivial to complex issues.


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