Monday, 24 December 2012

Top 5 new features in windows 8 which are not present in windows 7

As most of you know that Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 on 26th October so you all must be be wondering about the hype that windows 8 generated and if you haven't tried windows 8 consumer preview or windows 8 evaluation copy yet and thinking about using windows 8 official version then here are some new features in windows 8 which are not present in earlier versions of windows including windows 7.
1.Windows 8 Picture Password: This is the unique feature which is the most welcomed change from Microsoft. In this password mode you can set your picture as a password by selecting (pointing out) the three different spots on the picture (one after another and you will be asked to hover the same spots in similar order during the windowsstartup. Off course text password feature is also available but using picture password feature makes the password more secure than textpassword.You can set/change your picture password from PC settings menu.
2.Windows 8 Start Up Tile Menu: There is a bad news for all previous windows version fans, The start up menu which was  present in windows 7 and windows xp is replaced by Metro Tile Start up application menu in Windows 8.Metro style application is the main change you will notice in windows 8 which makes it different from windows 7.In Start up tile menu you will see most common apps in the form of tiles.Just click on the app which you want to use and you are ready to go.
3. Windows 8 Taskbar: You must be wondering about what's new in this taskbar is present in all other previous versions of windows but let me tell you that just open it once you will be not be surprised to see the inclusion of this feature in this list. Earlier taskbar is way complex and used to be for advanced users but windows 8 taskbar makes life easy for beginners and advance both. It has all the previous features of taskbar like processes,performance,services,users etc but in an animated view and which will make understanding of using complex tasks of taskbar pretty easy and it includes a new feature in taskbar that is Apphistory which enable users to look at the previous apps used by users.Apphistory feature is particularly important in a scenario where your system is not responding well then you can use this feature to know the timing and memory to remove or uninstall the app which caused the system to behave differently.
4. Windows 8 Refresh: How many of you  did windows system restore or reinstallation when your system starts giving unusual signs and sometimes stops working or even when system respond speed becomes very low. So Microsoft has felt the same I guess and introduced this new feature-Refresh. In Refresh Mode windows starts a fresh installation of OS withautomatically setting aside your data, Windows settings, and Metro apps, then puts them back where they belong once the OS is reinstalled. So you will feel like you have the new windows but with your previous data and settings.PC Refresh can be done from PC settings menu.
5. Windows 8 App Store: Now comes the last and most interesting part of windows 8 windows 8 app store. This is the feature which will make windows 8 popular in Macusers in the future. Windows 8 app store gives acess to thousands of apps, games and utility options to install and use in your system. Windows 8 store apps or earlier known as metro apps are built on many technologies including html5 which makes the experience of using these apps and games unbelievable. Windows 8 app store is certainly more useful for tablet and touch screen device users.


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