Sunday, 16 December 2012

Are You Creating a Movement or Just a Website?

I’ve been marketing online for many years now, and recently I reflected on all the different ways that I’ve made money with my websites and I realized that I’d reached a point where I can now see that creating a movement is much more effective than just creating websites.
So what exactly do I mean by ‘creating a movement’? Well essentially I mean creating a following of loyal subscribers and customers that are passionate about your stuff and are often coming back for more.
The obvious example is this blog, I’ve built up a mailing list of the years and consistently updated the site with new content for my readers. The result has been a huge success for me.
However it’s not the only movement I’ve created. I also have a movement happening these days on my eCommerce store, as I target a boutique niche, where the people are passionate about the topic and as a result they come back for more, to buy products and read the blog too.
Out of all the different styles of sites I’ve tried, and many of them have made great income and still do, I have to say the ones where I’m building the community and creating the movement are the ones that are doing the best and have the highest pay off also. Just look at the cult like following of Apples products, this is really the huge driving force that allowed Apple to get where they are today, Steve Jobs knew how to create a movement.

Why Create a Movement?

A movement is self-generating in momentum, as people like to tell others about something they’re a part of and like. This means that you will get more and more business over time with no extra traffic strategies needed. Whereas sites that do not have this going on are constantly trying to get more traffic from Google or otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, this does work, its just more work.
By creating a movement you can make repeat sales off the same person as they’ll naturally be coming back to get more from you. This also opens up the opportunity to one day create your own product in the niche market and increase your profits further.
Movements are great assets and are much less risky. The truth is that the sites of mine that have been built in this way have never once had any issues with Google, not once! There’s a good reason for that, Google can tell if you’re creating a movement as your sites will naturally be giving off ‘good SEO signals‘ to the big G.

It Doesn’t Take Much to Start a Movement

You don’t need many customers/subscribers to start making great money when you’re building a movement, provided you’re creating quality for people. With my ecommerce store, if a customer ever emails or calls in complaining about something, such as the delivery time, I immediately do something to compensate them.
In fact recently a customer called in and said it has been 10 days and she had not got her order and she was angry, very angry. I looked up her order and noticed the courier tried to drop it off and also left a note in the letter box, so it actually wasn’t our fault.
Anyway, I decided to give her the order for free as I know that this would have a much larger impact on her and would be something she’d never forget. The customer emailed me and said she was shocked I’d be so generous, and said she would tell all her friends about my store….the movement continues to generate momentum!
In closing this post, I encourage you all to consider creating your own movement in a niche market. It doesn’t take much to start getting momentum, BUT creating a a movement is not something that happens overnight, you do have to stick at it and over time it pay back big time!


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