Tuesday, 25 December 2012

4 Efficiency Tools for the Frugal Entrepreneur

In business or whatever aspect of life, frugality is a commendable trait. Frugality is not just about knowing how to cut down on costs. It also speaks to an entity's level of resourcefulness. If you're a frugal and resourceful entrepreneur, consider the following efficiency tools below:

If you're trapped in the technology of the '90s, i.e., Excel or Access 
for your back-office needs, admit it, you're probably already left behind by your peers in the efficiency arena. However, if technologically advanced applications make you shy away because of potential monetary repercussions, it's high time you looked further and explored other alternatives.
Absolutely free for companies consisting of a maximum of 12 employees, Bitrix24 is a one-stop enterprise solution that combines applications like social intranet, CRM, workforce monitoring, file and document sharing, calendar and activity planner, and several others. Bitrix24 also supports mobile functionality, allowing you to access your work data from anywhere in the world, whenever you need to. For bigger companies with more than 12 staff members, unlimited user use can be availed starting at $99 per month.
Tired of having to hop from one site to another just to get your hands on the best and cheapest airfare to your holiday, or otherwise, destination? If you are, about time you headed over to JetRadar.com, a metasearch engine that systematically sifts through hundreds of airline, ticketing and flight sites for the cheapest airline tickets offered on sale, and makes the data available to anyone who has need for it in a single online portal. JetRadar has hotel accommodation listings, too.
Business process automation, as you are probably well aware, allows businesses to centralize their day-to-day operations, maximize infrastructure, eliminate redundant tasks and staff positions and, most importantly, cut down on costs.
Comindware is an automation software that allows cross-functional workgroups to aggregate work that's scattered across multiple spreadsheets and inboxes, reducing the need for countless staff updates and meetings. With Comindware's ElasticData technology, you may formalize workflow processes and make alterations later, if needed, without disrupting the normal course of operations. And with Workflow Builder, visually creating and editing your workflow process is as easy as dragging and ropping items, no need for complex designing or IT expertise.
To test if Comindware is the right fit for your company's automation needs, you may download the software and use it for 30 days for free. Once you decide to make it part and parcel of your business operations, depending on the number of software licenses you intend to utilize, varying discount rates are offered as well.
One of the most important first steps in setting up a business, online or offline, is coming up with a name that would resonate with your target consumers. That's talking brand, product, domain or service name that's unique, easy to pronounce and remember, catchy and relevant. Brainstorming with a partner is a healthy process. But if you're a sole proprietor or just too busy to go through the process yourself, branding agencies can help you get the job done, and magnificently, if I must say so - provided you're able to afford the thousands of dollars they may charge for their services.
If you're strapped for cash or simply think it's ridiculous to shell out thousands for a name, a better alternative is to take your naming need to a crowd. PickyDomains is a crowdsourcing solution that has been in the space since 2007 and now boasts of a strong contributor base of over 50,000 from diverse regions of the globe. With $50 for a name or domain, or $75 if a slogan is what you need, suggestions can come by the hundreds, if not thousands.
And in case none of these suggestions fit into your overall naming agenda, simply ask for your money back. How's that for risk-free?


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