Friday, 7 December 2012

Social Media And Some Tactics For Your Business

If you run a business or are thinking about starting a business, social media websites are a vital marketing tool used to reach your target demographic. It is fairly easy to run a social media campaign - however, it takes time and consistency. If you don't have a few hours a day to market your business on Facebook and Twitter, social media experts and even SEO companies can lend a helping hand. But, to understand the concept of social media marketing, here are some ideas on how to start your social media campaign.

Although it is important to post consistently on social media sites, you should also focus on posting quality content. Quality content is content that is useful, entertaining and/or informative. For example, if you owned a laundromat, you can post about ways on how to wash real denim jeans, how to remove certain stains from particular fabric, or advertise specials and business discounts. You can even post and say that if you like or check in to our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter you can receive a special discount.

What you want to stay away from is spammy content - content that is useless, pointless and/or boring. Although, there are cases where massive amounts of posting can attract people to your Facebook or Twitter, posting spammy content will increase the likelihood of people disconnecting from your business's social media page.

Of course, you want to start out by getting your friends and family to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter - but afterwards, you will have to spend time interacting with the social media community to find your target demographic, people or businesses. Here's a tactic, find people by searching using particular keywords that are associated to your business. For example, to use the laundromat example, you can search by typing brand name clothing, fashion, etc. When you find people who are talking about or seem to be associated with these keywords, "follow" or "like" their Twitter or Facebook page. If they like or follow you back, there you go, you have yourself a potential customer - which can now be an outlet to other potential customers. If the people you've liked or followed don't follow you back, un-like or un-follow them and keep on searching. This is a tactic social media experts do, and do a lot.

Here is another thing social media experts do on Twitter to market and reach out to their particular demographic:

1. Type a particular hash tag to find people/business who are talking about that particular subject. But, make sure that what you are searching for deals with a topic that focuses or deals with your business. Say, if you own a laundromat, what you might want to hash tag search for is brand name clothing: #calvinklein, #chucks (#converse), #nikejordans, etc.
2. When you find the people who are talking about your particular topic, follow them and re-tweet (or repost) what they have tweeted. You can also follow them and then comment on their tweet or post.
3. Do this for a few hours a day and guaranteed, you will attract followers who may be potential customers. This same tactic can apply to Facebook as well.

There are various ways to market using social media, but you want to start here. Find particular keywords that deal with your business. Search for people who are talking about this topic, follow them or like them - basically engage with the social media community, and keep on searching for these people. In the meanwhile, you want to post good content consistently and everyday if possible. And always remember, if you don't have time to run a social media campaign, there are social media experts and SEO companies that can help.

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