Monday, 17 December 2012

6 best tips for improving your personality

Your personality is directly responsible for your success and happiness in life. You may be gorgeous to look at, with a great bank balance, or may even have achieved a lot in life, but if you do not have a personality that is gratifying to your self, and appealing to others, then all these are of no use to you.
Some people have also built businesses around the concept of personality training and grooming; and, if the number of students at these institutes is any indicator, loads of people wish to develop a good personality.
Now, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on such training classes. Just follow the following tips, in order to incorporate certain attributes, attitudes and speech tactics in your self that will make you very attractive to others.
1.  Try to Understand People
Although it is impossible to unravel anybody completely, you can still try to be receptive to other people’s needs, likes, and dislikes, in order to interact with them, by being on the same page. Having a genuine interest in others will inherently constitute an invaluably attractive component in your own personality.
2. Strive To Be Confident
When you are talking and interacting with others, exude a certain degree of confidence. One good strategy, in this respect, is thinking positively, and believing that you are likeable to others. This will give the necessary boost to your self-confidence that is necessary for having a great personality.
3. Accept Your Character Flaws and Weaknesses
Let’s face it: none of us is perfect. All of us have several less-than-desirable traits. These are, however, things that make us unique. So, rather than hiding your imperfections, try to embrace them as natural extensions of your character. If you are confident about yourself the way you are, you will find that others will also accept you, in spite of all your flaws.
4. Compliment Others
People love to be in the company of somebody, who makes them feel good about themselves. Thus, if you want to have a good personality, have kind words to say about them. Make sure, however, that your praises don’t come off as fake and unnecessary. Otherwise, you will be considered to be a pathetic sycophant.


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