Sunday, 16 December 2012

Adwords Consulting, an Easy Way to Get Started

In this post I explain a different business model that’s very easy to get into and is one of the best ways to get cash flow coming in while you build your own online business. I’m referring to Adwords consulting.
Adwords consulting is simply where you manage other businesses Adwords account for them. There’s a lot of small businesses out there that know they should be using Google Adwords but they’re not because they don’t know how to do it, or they are using Adwords yet they are doing a terrible job with it as they don’t understand it and don’t have time to manage it as they’re usually busy with running their business.
The great thing about managing Adwords for small businesses is that its not terribly hard to do as the competition can be much lower in many markets and the total spend is not often very high so you’re not responsible for huge budgets.
A friend of mine who’s only just been getting into online marketing said he got offered to set up and manage an Adwords campaign for a small local business recently. I told him to go for it as it would not be hard to do, and that I’d help him do it.
You’d be surprized how often people are keen for help when you tell them you’re into online marketing, so the opportunities tend to present themselves.
After this conversation it dawned on me how simple it is for people who understand Adwords to start making money by managing campaigns for other businesses.
In order to be able to set up and manage an Adwords campaign well you need to learn how to set up campaigns and adgroups and target keywords, plus write and test great ad copy and manage your bids. On top of that a good understanding of how to increase conversions on a webpage is vital.
So if you’re new to online marketing, or even been doing this for a while and you want to get some money coming in to pay the bills while you work on other website ideas for yourself, then Adwords consulting might be something you should seriously consider.
Each client might only require 15 mins management a day on their campaigns, so once you have 3-4 you’ll be earning while you work on your own ideas for the rest of the day.
You can usually charge 10% of the clients overall Adwords spend, and the average small business spend is about $4000, which would be $400 a month for each client for you. So $400 x 4 = $1600 a month for a few hours work a day.

Adwords Consulting Workshop

If there’s enough interest in this topic of learning how to effectively do Adwords consulting, then I can run a training workshop where I’ll hire a guest Adwords consulting expert that I know to run a live coaching workshop and teach people everything they need to know in order to get started doing this. This would include showing people how to officially get Adwords accredited also.
In order to recoup my cost of hiring the expert and to ensure we only get serious people, this would be a paid event.
If you’re interested in this please comment below saying “yes” and whatever else you want to add. If I get enough response I’ll run the workshop.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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