Wednesday, 23 January 2013

3 Best Ways To Build SEO With Images

Today we are discussing about Best ways to build SEO (search engine optimization) with images of your blog. We know that we need many types of images for many purposes so we search images in Google search engines or any other search engine, and if you have an images in your blog as per search preference then you will good visitor for your blog. So there are visitor are searches images and they get your blogger images and you get many visitor by this. So we can say images are also good for our blogger SEO. But before doing it you have to know about how to customize any image with your blog and how to get search results for your images. Below I given some points which are help you to get good search result for your blog.

Better Image Title

Images title is a good one to increases your search result. I mean try to give the image title related to the post which you using the image or give the same name of your blog post title. Images having a great role in driving traffic to your blog. Image title is must needed for an image search. 
This example shows the importance of using a good image title- Blogger tips.jpg and 01223.jpg.In these two images which one will appear first in search result. I must say first one because it having proper title. 

Use ALT Attribute

Alt attribute is one of the main points to get good search result. Alt attribute is required to alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be displayed. The alt attribute give alternative information to user if user cannot view it for some reason because for slow connection, any type of error. And Google bots are also find it by Alt attribute. So it is come in search results. Write after the image alt attribute: - Alt="about images”, and save your setting on articles.

Make image better as text

Always post or upload image as like article. Because it gives a nice look for your blog and also nice visitor to your blog, so keep good images in your blog.

I think you get something from this post…If you have any problem with blogging feel free to ask me.Dont forget to use the comment box for your valuable thoughts..


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