Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Top 5 Paid Games for Android Smartphones

From puzzles to spectacular 3D support action games, Android Smartphones is the best
place to enjoy any kind of games. You can surpass your mobile phones with different mobile
game applications that are available exclusively for Android Smartphone users.

To enjoy best android action games and other animated games you need to own high end
Android phone. If you need fiscal to purchase Android device try taking assistance from the
cash loans UK. The following listed games are a few popular and top paid Android games.

Asphalt 7 Heat:

Asphalt 7, developed by Gameloft is the gaming application that lets
you have great experience of driving different cars from all over the world. It also
includes the world’s famous manufactures such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, DeLorean,
Lamborghini and so on. This app comes with the most stunning visuals allowing you
to hit the speed of famed Asphalt series. Some features of this app are.
  •  Multiplayer support
  •  Beautiful graphics
  •  Various game modes with 150 races and 15 leagues

The Amazing Spider Man:

The Amazing Spider Man, developed by Gameloft is an
awesome game where you need to wipe away all the super-villains and thugs from
NYC and save the city using your skills. This gaming app is fully developed on 3D
visuals related to New York City. Some features of this app are.
  •  You can discover random missions
  •  Exciting fighting system
  •  Enjoy game by playing it in more than 25 immerse missions


Predators application developed by FOX DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT.INC
is an official game designed based on sci-fi film franchise. You need to use hunting
techniques to defend against nine deadly enemies. In this game you need to prove
your predator strength using Alien technologies. Some features of this app are.
  •  Turns you onto the thermal vision
  •  You can claim your trophies
  •  Various equipment to kill the prey

Angry Birds Space Premium:

Angry Birds Space Premium developed by ROVIO
MOBILE LTD where the Angry birds chase after the giant claw to search their eggs
which have been kidnapped. This game is designed with superpowers which were
given to angry birds that let them to float in a strange galaxy, makes them fly in new
planets and a zero gravity space. Some features of this app are.
  •  Superpowers and brand new birds
  • Amazing background efforts

Grand Theft Auto III:

Grand Theft Auto III game application developed by Rockstar
Games, Inc. It was designed on a comic storyline and comes to voice acting. This
game lets you experience wide characters seen every aspect of life and will allow
freedom to explore them. Some features of this app are.
  •  It was designed with an HD quality resolution
  •  Integrated with stunning visuals and attractive graphics
  •  Gamepad support


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