Friday, 11 January 2013


One of the best things about promotional and advertising campaigns on the internet is the growing ability to pinpoint your specific target customer in a completely organic and transparent way. In traditional media, it has been very hard to do this; it is more of a shotgun effect, with direct mail and mailing lists being the best a company could hope to achieve. Those were the best, and they were better than most at getting your company in front of the right people but they still presented problems. Mailing lists are by no means complete, and to cover more than a small geographical area using this method was and is extremely expensive. That is not so with the web. You can do some of these things yourself, but with most web promotion strategies it is best to rely on experts working in the field. This is where SEO companies come in.

They have a toolbox full of different methods of driving the correct customers to your website. Any company can benefit from this - no matter what your business is, personal service, local retail and service, internet only or any combination modern methods of internet advertising and promotional efforts can pay off on a large scale when properly done.
 That is the advantage of hiring experts - they know exactly what they are doing to increase your ROI over normal advertising platforms. One of those strategies is guest blogging. With a guest post submission to blogs, you not only increase your search engine page rankings in a completely legitimate way, you also get direct traffic to your website from people who have an expressed interest in your product or service. Guest blogging is achieved by what is called guest post submissions. The first step in this is to write content that is written to appeal directly to your potential customer. Your business could be roofing or plumbing; in this instance, let's imagine a scale train/hobby store that wants to increase the sale of model trains. The process will be the same no matter what the business is, but the parts of that process will be designed to match your business and yours alone. The SEO Company will find the best writer for your purposes; any good SEO company has a wide array of talent that can write authoritatively on a wide range of subjects. While this is going on, another section of the team will begin identifying. In our example, they would be blogs about and for model train enthusiasts. This encompasses a wide array of sites as there are many diverse factions within this community. A good SEO services company knows that this is true in nearly any field. Once the best blogs are identified, the SEO company should deal directly with the blog and make a deal to supply a guest blog; this blog will have direct links to your business, which will give you instant exposure to all of that blogs readers, as well as whatever other social media the blog is plugged into. Not only will it drive customers directly to you in this fashion, but it will also increase your page rankings by the major search engines. All of this can be accomplished with above board SEO practices. The trick is great writing and honest placement in areas of interest that will intersect your business in a natural, organic way. Contact an SEO services company today to find out just how effective a guest post submission can be, and put the power of the web to work for you. 

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