Saturday, 12 January 2013

How to Make Money by Using Blogger

Today simple and simple way to create money i want to discuss with you tell you how to make money with in simple way. Money blogging is one of the sources of the most income over the internet. A lot of the people making money online using blog either its free or self hosted blogs. You know be very well that for the doing money blogging you need own blog or site. There are so many of the platforms available on which you can be start money free of the blog. Great things about these blog is that you dont have to worry about the domain names registration or any of the hosting service.

These platforms are easily available with easy of the Content management system just you need to add number of the article or the product description for most of money blogging.

Below are the some of the proven strategies that helps you to make money using

Selling Advertising :

Selling Advertising  is one of great best things in the BlogSpot because BlogSpot have freedom to the add Ads. If you have an Google AdSense account than the Google AdSense will earn for you by just by adding AdSense widget to the blogger blog simply. Now even you can create blank space (Ads Here) for the selling Advertising to most of others Advertiser and they will pad you depending upon you blog traffic. For selling Ads to advertiser depend on yours blog traffic and rank in Google. Generally advertiser pays $4 or $5 per month, but if you are getting more than 10000 and the Google rank is more than 2 After that you may get high incomes. You need to increase some blog traffic that will help you tp increase yours income online.

Sell products :

This is one of the other best way you, can be sell product over the BlogSpot blog by to joining LinkShare affiliate networks or any of the others. Choose yours product on the LinkShare and to write complete product description for yours targeted audios. Add some of simple links or affiliate product banner to your product descriptions.

Flipping BlogSpot Blog :

Another respectful flipping blog is to selling of yours blog to the someone else when blog get high visitor. Generally flipping BlogSpot blog cost is an count on the annual blog revenue. E.g. - if my BlogSpot blog is now generating $150 per month that means $150*12=$1800 per year. So you BlogSpot Blog costs will be $1800. Well be written blogs always have lot of value in the market. Flipping BlogSpot Blog is the little difficult because its very totally free for everyone to join.

Get more customers :

BlogSpot blog can always work amazing for to increasing your customer. When you are dealing on large online business you can be divert customer from you BlogSpot blog to yours affiliate landing pages.


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