Monday, 14 January 2013

Superior ways to Increase a Blog Traffic

Do you have a blog? If yes, Then maybe you need traffic to make your blog completed. Traffic is stands for a website Visitors not for cars and buses.. etc. And Traffic plays a very valuable role in a web blog and It’s a very important thing for a website. The other name of Traffic (visitors) is Money, Simple if you have considerably traffic on your blog It means you have a chance to earn money by Advertising ads. Traffic is a vital thing for a blog. As a man can not walk without legs, like this your web blog didn’t complete without traffic. So, If you want to raise your blog traffic in just 15-20 days follow my Tips.

1. Submit your Blog in Alexa

Alexa is a Global site that determines Traffic Rankings by inspecting web usage of a site from worldwide web. Alexa also have SEO services for websites to increase their traffic. By Submitting your site to alexa, Alexa will give a Global and country rank according to your blog traffic. Alexa Increases blog PR (Page Rank) and also gives a high quality Backlink. It’s necessary to sign up for an account on alexa to submitting a blog. Make an Alexa Toolbar for your site and tell your visitors to use this Toolbar it will make your site popular and also help to raise your alexa Global and country rank.

2. List your Blog to Dmoz web Directory

Dmoz  is a Global web Directory because he has a 8 Google Page Rank. That’s why people list their blogs to this directory for Rasing their blogs ranking and getting targeted visitors from search engines.

3. Blog Commenting

It’s very old formula to increasing a blog traffic. Just Do search for anything and open a blog type website. Then leave there your comment with your site or blog link. 1 Backlink and 1 visitor is yours. If you comment 10 times a day in 10 blogs which means you have chance to earn 10 backlinks in a day!!. Make sure, Leave an appreciative comment on blogs don’t leave some illegal comments if you do comments like this then the blog owner just disapprove your comment. It’s very nice thing to boost up your site search ranking and making your blog popular.

4. Connect with Social Media Networks

Social Media Networks mean social media Websites. e.g, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Pinterest… etc. If you want to make your blog or website social media friendly then It’s required to connect your blog with social media networks (SMN). Just Make a page of your blog name on Facebook. Or upload video to your youtube channel. And share everything on the page that you’re posting on your blog everyday. Do same thing with other SMN. The result by doing that is very effective. By Connecting your blog to SMN you’ll get a large number of traffic from SMN. Because every thing you share on your page then every liker will see this thing and if like then He/she also visit your post.

5. Submit your Articles to Article Directories

It’s also an old method to ranking up a blog. People use this method for increasing their Backlinks and Search positions on search engines. Do search FREE ARTICLE DIRECTORIES on Google and submit your unique articles to these directories with your blog link source. If anyone see your article on the directory then If he like your article then It will also visit your blog for getting more useful information.

6. Submit your Blog Feed to Rss Dex

RssDex was founded in 2006 (6 Years old). It is a Feed Database that melts feeds and explore them on search engines. It helps bloggers to make their articles most popular. It also gives a Backlink for every post that you made. Just submit there your blog feed and Submit it for review by clicking SUBMIT Button. Example of a feed url

7. Update your Blog Daily

Excessive times I have seen that a lot of Bloggers (users) do not update their blogs daily. It’s very important thing because It’s the face of your blog. If you do not adjust (update) your face then tell me who will wish to see or read your blog? So Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll never forget to update your blog. Because, It’s necessary to stay active with your blog and post something new everyday to make your blog Prosperous (Popular).

8. Automatic Backlinks Generators

I just have found two sites that generate Backlinks for your site or blog automatically. They submits your blog to Whois domain sites. Which helps your blog to promote. You can Get 4000 Backlinks by submitting your website to these:


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