Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Duplicate Content Checker Free Tools

Duplicate content is the worst enemy of your blog these days. It has become very important factor in SEO's prospective to trace your online content and find who is stealing your work. Google is very strict in taking action against the copycats who copy other's content and share on their blogs. There is a very clear process to report the thieves who publish your content without your permission. So you just need to report their blogs to Google and the rest work is done by Google itself. And now-a-days, Google's system is working faster regarding this issue. In this post I'll later explain how to report websites/blogs to Google if they are violating your copyrights. But before that let me introduce some great online tools which you can use to easily find copied or infringed pages on the internet. 

What is Copyrights or plagiarism? 

We already have a detailed discussion about this topic, however, I'll remind you that if someone is copying others content i.e articles, posts, images, videos, songs etc without their prior permission, so that is called plagiarism. So you can never copy anyone's content for republishing on your blog. Because it can fall you into real troubles when the person comes to know and report you to Google or other responsible organizations. 

Why should you strive to remove duplicates?

Because Google Penguin can throw a great penalty towards those blogs/sites which are having copied material  And you can also come in the list. So therefore, it is good practice to keep your eyes open. And the second big disadvantage of infringed content is; it just divide your traffic into pieces and you lose a loyal traffic which might go to the infringed websites.

How to find infringed content? 

Now the actual point is here, when you're busy in creating content and thinking that just creating content and optimizing your articles is ok to increase traffic and earn money; no man, you still think wrong. To be honest you'll have to look after each and everything about and finding duplicate copies of your blog is also an important element. But when you're too busy in other activities and can't search manually for each of your article's copies on the web then there are several great tools you can use to find out who is kidding with your content.

Now here is the list of top 3 duplicate content checker tools which you can use to trace your content and find out who is stealing your work.
  • PlagSpotter: One of the best duplicate content checker tool which allows you to just enter your blog's URL and find out how many websites are having matched [similar] content. So you can easily catch all the copycats by using this tool. 
  • CopyScape: This is another great tool where you only need to enter your URL and find out all the other websites/blogs who still think they are unknown for you. So kick them to Google. 
  • DuplicateChecker: Duplicate checker is one of my favorite tools I use; the above two tools only accept your main URL to check similar content on the web, but duplicate checker gives you deep insights about finding infringed content. You can insert a paragraph, article or even a document from your computer to check whether is has been copied by someone else or not. 
Do make use of above tools on daily bases and I do too. And you'll be able to keep eagle's eye on the copycats. I used these tools and found a lot of blogspot blogs who have copied our recent articles. I'll just use Google's DMCA page to report all those pages/blogs to Google. And the rest work will be done by Google. Google actually removes these blogs/pages entirely if they are hosted on, however  if they are hosted on other platforms such as WordPress, Typed etc, then Google just remove their URLs from search results or from it's index. 

If you found your content on the web and you are angry then just click the below page to report that page to Google and let them know about the infringement: 
My advise to all of you is; please don't copy other's content and instead try to learn from the web and create your own content. That'll be accepted for all. And for those who have copied content from this blog or still copying I would say that it is just a wastage of time. Because if you think that I don't know you then it is just your misconception. Avoid this practice today, because Your my students and I don't want to be angry with you. But if you did the mistake again and again then I might think to take an action. Thanks


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