Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Suffering From Google Panda Updates? Take Quick Actions Now!

Google Panda Updates, great changes to the Google’s search results ranking algorithm. It aimed to give low ranks to “low-quality sites” means site having copied content or low quality content; and it helped “high-quality sites” to get good ranking in search results.
This change affected the rankings of almost 12 percent of all search results. If you also got drop in Google’s search results then your blog may be a victim of Google Panda. But there’s no worry as it can be cured by taking some simple steps.

First let me tell you that Google Panda is a domain level penalty..
  • A Few low quality links or posts can drop overall blog ranking in search.
  • Only Search Engine Optimized posts survive and gets good rank.
  • None has 100% recovered from Panda.Some are still having the bad effect.
So, Now its time for the survival of the fittest.
To become fit here are 10 actions you need to take:-
  • De-index your post/page urls which have low quality content or have less info if you can’t re-write them as Google Panda updates hate blogs with useless low quality pages indexed in Google.You can remove the links on webmasters tools so that google drops it from its search results.
See on webmaters tools- Site Configuration>>Crawlers Access>>Remove URL
  • Repair old posts of your blog which are not search engine optimized with good keywords and latest info.Also think about the words users would type to find your posts and make sure that your blog actually includes those words within it.
  • Delete posts which have no new info or which are not required by the readers any more as one bad link can effect the whole site.
  • Correct the Grammatical & Spelling Mistakes of your Articles.As Google Panda Update Hate Blogs with poor grammar and english too.
  • Stop showing up too many ads on your Blog.Hey! Panda has not said no to ads but a big no to too many ads.
  • Use a good search engine optimized theme.You can use the Thesis theme as its completely Search Engine Optimized.If you can’t pay for that use plugins like “All in One SEO”.
  • Increase the quality of your posts.Try to write unique articles as google panda update affects blog having copied contents.Create a useful, information-rich blog, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.Stop Cross-posting.
  • Stop linking your posts with low quality sites as Google Panda updates trust quality sites.Also Check for broken links and HTML codes.
  • Try to decrease your Blog’s bounce rate by linking one post to another.But remember both articles should be in the same topic.Otherwise, none ‘ll visit the linked post & linking will show no good results.
  • Try to get visitors using social sites as google panda updates like the blogs which gets more visits from social sites.


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