Thursday, 21 June 2012

5 Best Places To Keep Your Adsense Ads

The most popular way to monetize contents of your blog contents is by using Adsense. However, this also matters that you make the best of your adsense, by knowing when, where and how to place your ads on the website. This is one of the most important criteria for making money online using Google
adsense. The trick of placing adsense is that you should both make your ad units both visible and at the same time is visible enough that this does not block your contents from being visible.

Let us therefore discuss some of the top 5 places for ad sense units, which when placed will make both your ad units and your content more targeted.

1. Right under the last paragraph:

Posting ads at the end of each of your blog posts or articles is considered to be one of the best practices, and you will also find that this works. This is because when people are trying to read an article, they are also trying to read the next article, and when they are looking for another article, surely they will notice the ad at the end of your article.

2. Inline before the first paragraph:

The second best place for your ads to get noticed by the reader is including them in the very beginning of the article, and when a visitor comes to the article page, there is sure to be an ad sense unit within the inline of the text. This will be surely grabbing the notice of the visitor and encourage them to click on the ad, and the chance of clicking them by mistake is also very high. The best ad units for placing in these sections are square units or half vertical banner.

3. On the left, under the menu and above the fold:

The best place to place your Google Adsense as units is the place right under the menu of your website. Predominantly this will be the left hand side and therefore, this is the best place to place the ad sense units. This is because the visitors of your website will be initially accessing the menu and will not fail to notice the content targeted ads below the menu, and the chances of rate per click are high. The best ad sense unit that can be placed under the menu is a vertical bar (120 × 600 or 160 × 600). The temptation to click on these ads is much higher than nowhere else is.

4. Right under the article title:

The chances of ad units being noticed when being placed under the article title and the first line of the paragraph are very high for one good reason. The reason is the article title heading and color might be different from the inline text, will force the visitor to spend some time to look at the ad units. However, if page views are more important for you then this is not the best place, as you will be deviating visitors of your website.

5. Under or Next To an Image:

Images draw attention and placing ads near the image is much easier to draw attention and it is important that the ads are placed near the still images and not animations, as visitors will try to skip as most of them hate it.


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