Saturday, 23 June 2012

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You may publish interesting and quality content, follow ethical tips when writing or creating content, make use of social media and bookmarking sites to distribute your content and maintain your blog carefully. But sometimes you may feel lonely. You tend to think blogging is
not for you or no one cares what you are trying to say. One reason for this imagination could be knowing that you don't have enough readership or followers in your niche. You may wonder why other bloggers have that much readership eventhough their blogs have no much quality content as yours. However if you are believe in yourself and provide quality content, then the reason could be having no enough exposure on the web. Just publishing content could not help you to reach or achieve more exposure to your blog. So what about giving a try by sparing some time rather than being idle or giving up on yourself?

If you suffer from lack of readership, Blog Catalog will show you the way to promote your blog and to get more exposure. Blog Catalog is a social network for bloggers where bloggers can interact with other bloggers and find more readers in same niche. In addition to connecting with bloggers, Blog Catalog community will let you find interesting blogs, posts and friends related to your niche. This community will help you to share ideas, start discussions and make things happen online. If you can recall we have discussed another bloggers community earlier,


1. Go to Blog Catalog Sign Up page and create a new account.

Note: Make sure to check Blog Catalog activation email in your inbox.

2. Now navigate to Blog Submission page.

3. Fill up all the relevant details and click Submit Blog button.

4. If you are not aware of special offers, skip the next page by clicking No Thanks, Just take me to my blog link.

5. Now you will be directed to your blog page. In order to approve your blog, you need to verify blog ownership. Click Verify Here link and use preferred option to verify your blog.

* After adding verification link, badge, meta tag or widget, it will take no longer than 24 hours to review your blog. However it may depends.

6. Further you can complete your profile at account settings page and if you need to change your blog details, navigate to Blog Setting page and click Settings button to modify details.

7. Now you have successfully signed up and added your blog to Blog Catalog blog directory. Now you can discover more interesting blogs, articles and bloggers there.


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