Thursday, 21 June 2012

How To Improve Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking has always been something to cheer about in the world of Blogging. As you might know there is no definite ranking system on the web and Alexa does a pretty good job in their own ways to rank websites on the
Many would like to argue about the accuracy of Alexa Ranking and say that it is not something to rely upon. Being a blogger myself I expect at least 1 person a week to shoot me a question regarding Alexa. And guess what, they do every single time and I try to explain how things work in the world of Blogging.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa is an company which ranks websites on the Internet according to a system of their own. The way it works is very simple, Alexa accumulates data from all over the Internet via their Alexa toolbar which is installed in millions of computers in the world. So by understanding the users behavior they rank websites on various metrics.

Should I care about Alexa Ranking?

Yes, you should if you are in an environment similar to what I am. Being a blogger is all about displaying the reach of your website on the Internet and getting more visitors on your website. Apart from the traffic stats you can always show off your Alexa ranking if it is really good. It is not difficult to achieve Alexa ranking, I will list out few basic things that can get your site under 100k easily!

Is Alexa Ranking accurate?

It is accurate according to standards but not with the Global standards. Simply because not every computer on this planet has Alexa toolbar in it. So the data accumulated by Alexa is very minimal but at the same time it is quite effective because it is mainly installed by Bloggers, Webmasters and Internet enthusiasts.

How Do I improve Alexa Ranking?

I am sure if you have been reading this article this far then you must also be interested in reducing your websites or blogs Alexa ranking. Just follow these simple steps below and I will guarantee better Alexa ranking under 3 weeks!

1) Update your blog constantly, at least 3-4 articles per week.

2) Encourage your users to install the Alexa toolbar (It’s safe)

3) Claim your website on

4) On the same page there is an option to edit your site’s listing, do that!

5) Also use one of the site widgets from here:

6) Get more visitors on your blog especially from the Blogging community because there is a good chance that they have Alexa toolbar already installed.

7) Exchange links with other relevant sites to that of yours which had good Alexa ranking.

8 ) Do not use bots or any other automated methods because you can lose rankings easily if Alexa ever finds out!

I guess I have helped you understand how Alexa works and how you can increase alexa ranking on the Internet. It is not like Google Pagerank, it is completely a different ranking system with different metrics. So follow the steps that I have mentioned and improve your site’s existence on the WEB!


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