Friday, 22 June 2012

Make Use of Keyword Research Tools for Your Website

Using keywords meta tag on your pages could help you with driving more traffic to your website through search results. But it may not be the best option since Google has started to ignore meta keywords tag on sites. But it still has impact with some other search engines. It's not me
nor you the only one who have been using keywords meta tag. So how do we select effective keywords to be used in our pages to index well on those search engines which care your keywords specified in meta tags?

You may specify keywords on your individual pages to grab more attention of search engines. But if you are hosted your site/blog on a free domain such as Blogger 'blogspot', then you can't use keywords on all pages as you have limitations enabled. Earlier we have discussed in detail about keywords and using keywords meta tag in Blogger. So there still you could make use of keywords meta tag on your Blogger blog too.

If you are using keywords meta tag, then you may use keywords related to your post/page/blog or for misspelling words. But how would you know that the keywords you are specifying will helpful in driving more traffic compared to the time you spending on specifying those keywords? In other words, how do you know which keywords are more popular on the Web? If you are much consider about optimizing your site for Web search results, you would like to figure this out.

Search engine optimization professionals are engage with finding actual search terms or keywords that people entered into the search engines when conducting a search. This is called as Keyword Researching and they have been on this type of activities to get more search rank for their websites/blogs. Also you can easily find out trending keywords on the Web too. Make use of below keyword researching tools and use profitable keywords on your pages wisely rather than keep waiting for anticipating more traffic after consuming a lot of time on specifying useless keywords on your site.

Note: Some tools may have limitations on their free services.

1. Google Keyword Tool

2. Wordtracker Keywords

3. Wordstream Keyword Tool

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