Friday, 22 June 2012

Publish Your Posts on Twitter using

Twitter is an online social networking service which already known as micro-blogging service that enable users to share posts. It is a place where people can easily engaged and find concise updates of yours. So if you mind distributing your content over social media, then you
don't wanna miss Twitter. Absolutely you can tweet each and every post yourself on your Twitter account and let users to connect with your Twitter account. But why do you go for a manual, time consuming process rather than making it faster and automate? is another useful service if you are planning to feed your blog over Social Media. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more social networks. Most services are deliver contents which published after setting up connection with particular service. But grabs your all feeds and fetch to several social networks at once. This will be great service if you have many older posts and just now gonna start feed your blog to social media. provides you real-time stats on shared content too. Furhermore it enables you to integrate your Feedburner service, Web analytics service for the links distribute using Here I would be more concentrated on Twitter to help your posts to be published in no time after your post has been published on your blog. So your Twitter followers will find your Twitter account more interesting with it's fast updates.

Before You Go:

You need to sign up for a new account if you have no account yet. Else you can sign in using your OpenID.


1. Sign in to your account.

2. Now click on + Add Route button to set up new route.

3. Click + add button on Sources box at left.

4. Select New option from Source Editor pop up.

5. Provide your site feed address in Feed URL text box under Feed Details tab.

6. Go through other options and most of them are self explanatory. In addition provides you tips with a question mark sign, right next to most options. You can find numerous options such as filtering your content, setting update period, passing your location specified on Twitter account along with tweets, republishing posts you edit or update, integrating Feedburner URL instead of original and more.

Note: Make sure to enable Do not sort feed by item timestamps option under Advanced tab to publish your posts in the order as you seen on your blog or website. Else it will publish your recently edited or updated posts on top of your all tweets.

7. Now click on save source button.

8. Now click + add button on Destinations box.

9. Select New option correspond to Twitter logo on imminent pop up box.

10. needs authorization of your Twitter account to post on behalf of you. Authorize your Twitter account using Start Authorization button.

11. You can find content formatting options at Post Content tab and use Advanced tab if you wanna enable hashtags based on categories or labels you specified for each post.

Note: Selecting Post Body option under Post Content tab won't effect on your tweets as Twitter tweet holds only 160 characters.

12. Now save your Destination settings.


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