Friday, 22 June 2012

How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines

Being listed your site on search results would be more helpful to interested visitors to find your content more easily and to drive more traffic. Search engines are designed to search for information on the World Wide Web and other servers. So periodically most search engines will crawl and update their index of website links algorithmically to find and offer them in search results whenever an user perform a search. But sometimes search engines may still unable to find your content or crawl your site.

Though your website not listed on search results, you don't need to wait until they find and crawl your site. You can submit your site to search engines manually.

Submission of URL

You can submit the URL of your site to search engines to let them notify to crawl your site. You don't need to submit each and every page URLs here, just top-level page will be enough. Submission of URL not guarantee that it will crawl your all website page URLs.
Submit your website URL to,


Submission of XML Sitemap

A Sitemap is a page where visitors prefer visiting if they are unable to find particular page on your site or if they need to browse your posts. An XML Sitemap is a XML file with list of URLs. So submitting XML sitemap to a search engine helps it to find and crawl all your pages associated with your site. So it is far more effective rather than submitting each URL of your site.

First you need to create an XML sitemap and grab URL or link for sitemap file before you submit it to search engines.

Create and obtain the URL of XML Sitemap of your Website
i. Generate an HTML sitemap for your site using a sitemap generator such as XML-Sitemaps by entering your website URL.

Note: Beware of free sitemap generators' limitations.

ii. Now right click on generated XML sitemap file link and copy link address of the XML sitemap file (sitemap.xml). The link address would be similar as below if we assume your site is,

Else you can download XML sitemap file (sitemap.xml) and upload it to domain root directory. Then you can grab URL of your XML sitemap file uploaded. It will be similar as below if your website is,
Now you are ready to submit your XML sitemap to search engines with the URL of your XML sitemap. Copy the submission URL relevant to search engine from below with added XML sitemap URL of yours and enter to submit after pasting it on your Internet browser address bar.

Submit your XML sitemap to,

Google[URL of Your XML Sitemap]

Bing[URL of Your XML Sitemap]

Ask[URL of Your XML Sitemap]


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