Wednesday, 20 June 2012

5 Top Website Design Mistakes You Need To Know

Before I get into the topic I want you to know what visitors/surfers hate about some of the websites that they have come across. Sites that load too slow Websites without a purpose Flash controls Crazy banners that are everywhere Technically difficult sites that are hard to navigate through Now you have heard
the opinions of the surfers on what they don’t like. Now I will give you my top five mistakes you

can make when designing a website

1# Spelling Or Grammar Errors

This makes your website look really unprofessional if you have spelling mistakes or if you have not punctuated your content correctly.

2# Designing Above The Fold

You need to make sure that when a visitor hits the home page of your website that they do not have to scroll down to see the valuable content. This also goes for your websites Internal pages as well. So try and keep away from having a massive header that takes up half of you website.

3# Popular Screen Size

You want to design your website based on the most popular resolution because screen size changes from monitor to monitor. The most popular resolution size that people use is 1024 x 768. You do not want to design your website for those big 26 inch screens because most people don’t own one.

4# Browser Compatibility

There are 100’s of browsers out there like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. You want to make sure that your website is clear on these different types of browsers. There is a website that you can go to and see if your website is compatible with the numerous web browsers it’s called . You can put your URL into this website and it will show you what your site looks like on other browsers.

5# Optimised Media

You want to make sure that all the media on your website is optimised. When I say media I mean audio, video and pictures. To optimise your media you have to ensure that they are in the smallest available format because if they are really massive files, it will take a long time for that page to load. As you know load time is so so important because if a page loads slowly then your visitor is not going to stick around and they will press the back button.

I hope that these top 5 mistakes are helpful and I encourage you to look at your own website and make sure that you do not have any of these mistakes.


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