Monday, 25 June 2012

How to Create Pages in Blogger

Are you seeking for adding standalone pages for your blog? Yeah, that could be the exact reason you are reading this post. You might be wonder how other bloggers able to show off Contact page with their respective contact information or About page which includes information about contributors and who behind the blog. In addition to publishing posts or stories, Blogger allows you to publish information mostly native to your blog and its category in a quite distinctive way. So would you like to create some pages on your blog?

Blogger offers you to publish information in static pages using their useful feature - Pages. Pages feature allows you to create and customize standalone pages on your blog. Mostly readers will aware of the content being published on a blog and if they are interested in them, they will obviously wanna see who behind those. In addition you may wanna provide some services for your readers too. So pages feature is very useful if you wanna set up pages which are quite native to your blog and self-descriptive, such as About Me, Contact, Privacy Policy, Sitemap. Earlier it was quite hard to create pages in Blogger. But now it's a matter of a second. Here you can learn how to set up a standalone page for your blog.


1. Go to Blogger Dashboard.

2. Click on your Blog Title.

3. Navigate to Pages tab.

4. Click on New page drop down button.

5. Now either select Blank page or Web address option.

Blank Page - You can create you own static page on your blog by adding text or media as like as you write a new post.

Web Address - You can redirect users for external web page which might interest them.

6. If you selected Blank page, add up your content in post editor and save the page. Else if you selected Web address, specify the URL or web address you wanna direct users and save it.


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