Monday, 25 June 2012

How to Embed a Tweet on Your Website

How do you use Twitter to promote your content or interesting tweets? You can share your interesting stories online via Twitter. Further you can display all your tweets on your own website using Twitter widgets too. But there may be some occasions you may wanna embed a single tweet or @reply on your site or post, just to promote or help your readers to find it interesting. And also you might wanna build up stories with displaying relevant tweets. In such a situation, you may try copying and pasting tweet text on to your post. But rather than just showing off a tweet, would you like to embed a tweet and enable other users to retweet, reply or favorite it while on your site?

The revamp of Twitter has made major changes in design and served some new features for users. One such feature is fully functional Embedded Tweets. Twitter now made it possible for users to embed and render their favorite tweets or @replys on websites in an attractive way. It doesn't matter whether it's originated from your profile or not. You can embed any kind of tweet instantly. You may find it as an attractive or useful as a promotion methodology too. In addition to showing off the tweet, readers who visiting your site will be able to reply, retweet or favorite to that particular tweet right away without leaving your site. Also it will enable users to follow specific person who responsible for that Tweet too. However if the tweet you wanna embed contain images, videos or any other media, it would display with the embedded tweet unless it has been uploaded via third party services. Actually you don't wanna worry about images uploaded directly viaTwitter and videos from YouTube in this scenario. And eventhough if particular user deletes a tweet from his profile after you embedding that on your site, the content of tweet will still be appeared on your site. However if you embed a tweet which is a @reply, it will also display the original tweet which is the one that reply has been made for. Sounds interesting? Yeah... sometimes it could be really useful for you. Let's try it out.

1. Sign into Twitter.

2. Now find the tweet you wanna embed on your site.

3. Click on the tweet or click on the Open link appears after pointing your mouse pointer over the tweet.

4. Now find and click on the Details link next to the tweeted date and time.

5. Now you will direct to the tweet permalink page. Click on Embed this Tweet link.

6. Select HTML tab on the pop up box and grab the code for embedded tweet after setting up position of the tweet using Alignment setting. You will able to see a preview of the tweet you gonna embed at the bottom of the pop up box.
Note: You can use Shortcode tab to grab shorthand notation to render tweets on platforms which support Tweet shotcodes.

7. Now add the embedded tweet code on your site or in a post as you prefer.


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