Friday, 22 June 2012

Make uTorrent Downloads Active for Multiple User Accounts

Torrents are files which stores metadata such as location data about targeted files stored in users' computers. When you share files through torrents, you may need a client to receive data as specified in torrent file. µTorrent is a client of BitTorrent and works with
minimal computer resources. When you install µTorrent on your computer, it would install and configured automatically for your user account. But if you have multiple user accounts on your computer, then your torrents won't get downloaded when other users logged into their user accounts. So if you need to continue your torrent download, then you always have to log in to your user account. Would you like to continue your torrent download though other users logged into their accounts?


1. Download and install µTorrent if you are not already using it.

2. Click on your Start menu.

3. Navigate to Run.

4. Type %AppData% and OK.

5. Find uTorrent folder there.

6. Move it from there & replace with your uTorrent program directory (Ex: C:\Program Files\uTorrent)

Note: This step should follow if you have progressing torrents, else copying settings.dat (in Application Data\uTorrent) to program directory would be enough.

7. Follow same steps (Step 2-6) for each and every user account you want to cope with.

Enjoy :-)


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