Thursday, 21 June 2012

SEO and SMM Techniques to Improve Greater Visibility

It is not easy for any business to retain relevance in the eyes of Google. As Google controls more than 90 percent of the search traffic in the US market, it is understood that every business wants to be amongst the toppers in Google. It is very essential to use SEO smartly so that the business
can be more visible in the eyes of customers. Following are some techniques with which one can easily gain more visibility. 

1. Use Social Media

Undoubtedly Facebook is the most powerful social media website that can alone give maximum output to your efforts, but one should use Orkut, LinkendIn and Twitter as well so that the visibility can be enhanced.

2. Use Blogs

Blogs can add freshness, ease of use and they also give the opportunities to clients to get interactive. This provides value and addition of followers. Update information regularly.

3. Google Analytics Can Save you

Google Analytics is a life saver; it is free software that lets you know about the stats of your page.

4. Uniqueness is a must

Always try to be unique with the pages. Your content not only should differ from other website’s content but it must be different from the content available on the other pages of your website. This way Google will rank your site higher.

5. Meta Tags are Important

Meta Tags appear in search engines. Use relevant tags so that your website’s visibility can increase and Google can fetch your pages easily. This is the simplest way to win the attention of your client.

6. Keywords rich Tags

Keywords are the most important things for a content writer. These keywords help clients to visit any page or website. One should be very selective in terms of choosing the keywords.

7. Share Your Page / Profile On Social Media Websites

The best marketing strategy is “word of mouth” let people market your business by adding “Like” or “share” button on all your pages and links. This way any business can get multiplier’s effect in terms of marketing.

8. Create Fan Pages and Groups

If you want to penetrate faster then you must make fan pages and profiles on Facebook, Hi5 and Orkut etc. this will help you to get more and more visitors in the form of followers and this can be interactive. These days clients want to interact.

By following these tips and techniques any business can improve its visibility at search engines and brand awareness in the eyes of the customers.


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