Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Make Money Fast by Selling and Recycling old Mobile Phones

If you have a mobile phone the chances are one day you will want to replace it. You will want to upgrade it to a new more advanced make and model. As is the case that happens millions of times every day all over the world as we replace our mobile phones every 12 to 18 months or buy
new ones that replace older models. Because of this there are around 10 million unused mobile phones in circulation lying around somewhere in peoples drawers.

Fortunately because of the awareness that mobile phones can and our having a damaging 

effect on our environment if they are not recycled or disposed of correctly there are now mobile phone recycling initiatives set up so that people can hand in their old mobiles to be recycled. However because mobile phones are valuable in that they contain precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper and more they are precious to mobile phone companies who can extract and reuse these expensive metals in the making of new mobiles and things.

So any mobile phone can be recycled online and for cash. Even broken mobile phones can still be sold and recycled for money and it's easy. They say every average home has at least 2 old unused mobiles lying around that can fetch around £20 each. So if you have any don't let them sit and rot forever! Sell and recycle them for cash online freely to a mobile phone recycling company. There are a good few to choose from all of which vary slightly in the way that they can pay you for your phone. Most pay by Cheque, Bank Transfer, Paypal or even pay out in Gift Vouchers and Store Credit for many high street stores.

Mobile phone recycling sites are free to use and have a free post service and payment is made to you in days after you send you mobile phone in. This is convenient because the other conventional methods of selling mobile phones such as on eBay etc can turn out a little costly and more time consuming. But the process is simple with a mobile recycler.

So if you are looking to make a little extra money for what ever reason. Be it to put towards a bill or for a couple of nights out. Dig out any old mobile phones you have and then sell them all for cash to a mobile recycler . You can speak to family and friends about it and ask if they want to help. You could set up a small club at home or in your community, at school or work or online and see if anyone wants to donate to your their old mobiles and then you can sell and recycle them all. You will be doing a wonderful thing, helping the environment, other people and yourself all at the same time!

Sure you could raise some money for Christmas this way as well. It's not just mobile phones you can recycle for cash. You can sell and recycle most electrical products for cash including iPhones, iPods, Games and Games Consoles. Inkjet Cartridges etc. There are different types of recycling sites for the different things you want to recycle now a days. These free recycling sites have been proved a God send for many people in today's frugal climate. It is good to recycle to help the environment but to get money to do so is great!

See a list and review with how to guides and tips and tricks on the top mobile phone recycling sites to use to get cash for old mobile phones and other things on the site where you can find all this and more including a mobile phone price comparison tool that enables you to compare how much each recycling site is offering for your make and model so you can get the most money. Sell Your Mobile - For selling everything mobile.


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