Friday, 22 June 2012

How to Offer Email Subscriptions in Blogger

You may offer several subscription options for your readers to stay in touch with your site via feeds, social media or bookmarking services to get notified about latest content on your blog. But as an alternative way, subscribers may want to receive your content right into their
inbox. They may find it convenient as they stay alert of their inboxes. Would you like to let readers to get updates of your latest content via Email?

Now Blogger offers email subscription service for you without going through any settings or touching template codes. You can easily implement email subscriptions for your readers via Follow by Email widget. This official widget help bloggers to enable email subscription on their blogs in few steps. And this widget is configured with Google FeedBurner service. So if your blog feed isn't redirected to FeedBurner, you will have to create one or else it will create a FeedBurner feed automatically for your blog.

i. Log in to FeedBurner.

ii. Click on your Feed Title which associates with your blog.

iii. Now navigate to Publicize tab.

iv. Click on Email Subscription from left pane.

v. Now click on Activate button at the bottom to activate email subscription service.

* You need to change email preferences before enabling subscriptions for your readers. Further you can make your subscription emails more efficient and user friendly by optimizing email preferences too.


1. Go to Blogger Dashboard.

2. Click on your Blog Title.

3. Navigate to Layout tab.

4. Now click on an Add a Gadget link.

5. Select Follow by Email element from the gadget list.

6. It will detect your FeedBurner URL associated with your blog. But in case if it wouldn't show your related FeedBurner URL, specify it in FeedBurner URL textbox.

Note: Make sure that you have already activated FeedBurner email subscription service for your feed.

7. Now Save your element and position the element as your prefer.

8. Save arrangement and Preview for the added 'Follow by Email' widget.

Enjoy :-)


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