Friday, 22 June 2012

Add Google +1 Button for Blogger Posts

Google, the search giant, has introduced new social platform Google+ and it has a peculiar feature known as +1 button. Now it's more popular among most websites/blogs as it affects organic Google search results. Google +1 button is a way to recommend content for your friends and followers. Once you recommend a content appears on the web with +1 button, your friends will be able to see it with your recommendation across the web. As it enables your site to get recommended on search, most of webmasters was eager to implement +1 button on their respective websites and blogs. As a blogger, I don't think you gonna say 'NO' for it. So would you like to implement it for your content?

You have learnt how to set up Google +1 button for your website. But it's only represent your entire website or blog, not your content. So if you wish to implement Google +1 button for your posts, then you need to implement them for each post individually. But unfortunately, editing each post is far more time consuming in Blogger. But on the other hand, here you can implement it for all your posts easily without wasting your valuable time. Let's learn how to implement Google +1 button for each of your post without even affecting your page load time. But the only disadvantage with Google +1 button is, in case if you wanna migrate to a custom domain, your +1s or recommendations won't be migrate to new domain. So you have to keep that in mind when you implement Google +1 button on your blog. However recommendations are work as a motivator for your readers and if you provide quality content for your readers, you don't need to worry about the +1s at all.


1. Go to Blogger Dashboard.

2. Click on your Blog Title.

3. Now navigate to Template tab.

4. Click on Edit HTML button.

5. Click Proceed button to continue.

6. Tick on, Expand Widget Templates option.

7. Now right before the </body> tag, place below asynchronous Google +1 button script which loads +1 button without affecting page load time.


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