Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How to Make a Contact Form in Blogger

Contact forms enable visitors to our sites to send us emails without having to expose our email address to potential spammers. 

I've been using Kontactr to embed a contact form in this site for years now, and still believe it is the most ideal solution for those using the Blogger platform. However, it seems my previous tutorial is now out of date!

Recently, Kontactr added CAPTCHA functionality to their forms which makes even more difficult for spammers to abuse the facility. We can also now customize the appearance of the form to match the design of our sites.

Here is a comprehensive tutorial to help Blogger users embed a functional, customizable contact form for their blog using Kontactr.
Follow These Simple Steps:
1- Go to

2- Sign up

3- Verify you E-mail.

4- Get HTML Code

5-  Login your Blogger Dashboard

6- Create a New Page

7- Click HTML

8- Paste HTML & Save

Now your contact form is live hope you will enjoy this Post Please comments must if you are Enjoying you Contact Form.  


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