Friday, 22 June 2012

How to Add Google Talk Chatback Badge on Your Website

Sometimes your readers may find something difficult or phrase which are not self-explanatory to them in your content. In such a scenario, they may have to comment or contact you to problem get solved. But what if you can assist them in real-time whenever they got a problem or doubt? Are you seeking for a gadget which visitors can communicate with you while they are surfing your site? Sometimes you may find it difficult. However you can implement 3rd party chat widget for your site. But mostly your visitors have to sign up on particular service before start a chat with you. So it may not convenient for your visitors. But what if you can implement a chat widget for your visitors to contact you in real-time without any sign-up processes?

Now Google offers a Google Talk Chatback badge, which let your visitors the ability to chat with you whenever you are sign in to Google Talk. The only prerequisite is you need to stay sign in to your Google Talk account always. The badge will show your online status to your visitors and they can communicate with you real-time. Visitors are not required any download or sign up for Google Talk service. Adding Google Talk Chatback badge will make visitors more satisfactory on the aspect of communication and you can strengthen relationships among you and visitors.

Before You Go:

You need to have a Google account to use Google Talk Chatback badge. If you have no Google account already, create a new Google account and proceed with below steps.


1. Sign in to your Google account.

2. Visit Google Talk Chatback Badge creation page.

3. You can find code for Standard Badge there or click on Edit link to customize your badge and after the customization, click Update badge button to retrieve your new code.

4. Now copy your badge code and add it to your site where you need it to render.


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