Saturday, 23 June 2012

How to Change Your Blogger Background Image and Color

Designing your blog is a crucial factor and it will helps you to impress your readers at first sight. There are many options you can follow such as using a custom templates, customizing elements, use of effects on images and more if you consider attractive designing for your
blog. However design itself not enough for your blog. So you should work on content to be qualitative too. When it comes to designing, how does your blog background aids in impressing readers? You may not care about it, but your blog background which spread over large amount of area could be able to convey what type of blog and what kind of personality you have. Would you like to give more color to your blog with different background image and colors?

As you change templates, you might see different backgrounds native for them. It could go with your blog and content. It may be your favorite choice. If you have type of common background image, then readers may not impress with your design. Also if it doesn't work out or seems odd for you, then you might seek a way to make use of another background image or background color. So you wanna change background image with a one suitable for your theme. As another reason, sometimes they will find your background color is buggy when they reading your blog. You know, background color and content color should be matched and readers should be able to read them easily without finding any friction for them. So in such a scenario, you have to change your background color to make it more convenient with a new look to your readers. Let's take a look at customizing your blogger background.

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard.

2. Click on your Blog Title.

3. Now navigate to Template tab.

4. Click on Customize button beneath your live blog preview.

Change Background Image

i. Click on Background on left pane.

ii. There you can find heading Background image and click on the image box below the heading.

iii. Either you can select background image provided by Blogger or use Upload image menu item to upload you own image.

Note: Blogger allows you to upload only JPG, GIF or PNG files and size should be equivalent or below to 300 Kilobytes. It recommends to use images with 1800 x 1600 or greater dimensions.

iv. Click Done button after the completion of upload.

Change Background Color

i. Navigate to Advanced menu item.

ii. Find and click Backgrounds sub menu item.

iii. Change Outer Background, Main Background or/and Header Background color as you prefer.

5. After making necessary changes, click Apply to Blog button to commit your changes.


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