Friday, 22 June 2012

How to Remove Post Date Header in Blogger

On the Blogger platform, you may have seen a line with date above the title. But not above each title, which is publication date and the posts published on particular date will be listed under the date heading. But you may prefer to show publication date underneath your post title or
planning to show it anywhere else suitable. Or else you would like to hide them from your blog. However even you wanted to show off the date in elsewhere, you have to remove your date header from your page. Do you want to get rid of this date header?

There are 2 alternative methods for removing date header and select one of it as per your requirement.

Basic Method

If you are looking for just to hide date header from your page, follow this. Blogger offers this officially as an option for Blogger users.


i. Go to Blogger Dashboard.

ii. Click on your Blog Title.

iii. Now Move on to Layout.

iv. Find Blog Posts element there and click on Edit link correspond to the element.

v. Tick off first option which shows date, under Post page Options.

vi. Save the element.

vii. Now click Save arrangement button and Preview your blog.

Advanced Method

This will be useful if you need to remove date header and acquired space above post title. if you are planning to display post published date somewhere else in your page.


i. Go to Blogger Dashboard.

ii. Click on your Blog Title.

iii. Jump to Template tab.

iv. Click on Edit HTML link.

v. Now click Proceed button to view Template Editor.

vi. Make sure to tick on Expand Widget Templates.

vii. Find below line in your template.


viii. Now add below line of code right before ]]></b:skin> line.

.date-header {display:none !important;}

ix. Now Preview and Save your template.

Enjoy :-)


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