Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to Set Up a Weight Loss Blog in 9 Easy Steps

A quarter of the world is suffering from obesity and with this startling fact, a lot of people are looking for that shining beacon of hope that will solve their weight loss dilemma and carry them to a healthier state. Weight loss websites have become a phenomenon around the world and each month
a new online diet or weight loss program emerges with claims of fast and effective cures that will rid people of fat and keep them healthy.

The internet is a great platform that generates so much profit in the world of weight loss. Anyone can start an online business from home and take a share of the weight loss industry. You do not need a huge and complicated website. A simple blog is all you need to get started.

Your 9-Step Plan to Weight Loss Profit Online

In this article I will show you the 9 steps to starting your very own weight loss blog:

  1. Research. It is advisable that when you first start in the weight loss industry that you promote other companies’ products and not your own. It is too costly and too risky to start by creating your own product.Research is a very important tool that can bring you success. Learn about different established companies that already provide reputable weight loss services and choose which products you feel confident endorsing to potential clients.
  2. Become an affiliate. Choose one or two companies to be affiliated with. Affiliate programs are a great way of generating profit while advertising weight loss solutions that other people have pioneered. Websites like Nutrisystem, eDiets, and Medifast are some examples of weight loss companies that have affiliate programs.
  3. Create your own blog. Drupal and WordPress are two ways to create professional looking template blogs on your own without going into a huge expense of ordering a custom made website. These platforms are really easy to use and have a great track record when used to post affiliate ads particularly in the field of weight loss.
  4. Choose the right name. Provide your blog with a catchy name that relates to health, fitness, dieting, nutrition or exercise as this will catch the interest of your target market and can easily relate to ads that you place.
  5. Enter ads in your blog. The best place to enter your affiliate ads are at the top left of your pages or the top right sidebar of your blog.
  6. Write content. Create posts that will reinforce your subject matter with descriptive titles and keywords that will help your website gain readership.
  7. On-page SEO. Make this as natural as possible. For this reason use natural wording and avoid smothering it with keywords as it will sound made up and turn off potential customers.
  8. Off-page SEO. Get in touch with SEO specialists who will drive your affiliate pages at the top of search engines for your selected keywords.
  9. Consistency. Be consistent in completing step 6 at a minimum of once a week to maintain fresh content for your blog and stay current.


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