Monday, 25 June 2012

How to Display Author Information in Google Search Results

Google has recently start customizing their search results and integrating social layer with Google+ to their search results to enhance search productivity and social connectivity. As a result of that, Google introduced an
authorship markup for authors and it help users to discover useful content being published online by specific authors. This feature will greatly affect for authors and instead of content, it will helpful to promote and identify author of online published content. Impressed? If you are an author, would you like to display your information in Google search?

You can easily implement this feature on your site and authored sites and let Google to display your information with content links. Google use some techniques to identify you as the author of content and you need to have rich and useful Google profile. So Google will checks the connections between your profile and content to identify you as the author of the content. However Google is being rolled out this feature gradually and even after following necessary steps, you may find author information not appearing on search results. So you may have to wait some more time before your information appears on search results. But if you wanna verify authorship, Google has given you an testing tool to verify authorship too. So if you wanna set up authorship markup on your site or content, let's move on.
Before You Go:

Authors need a Google profile prior to show authorship information in Google search results. If you or contributors have no Google profile, create a new Google profile before proceed with steps below.


1. Update Google profiles of all authors who has been contributing to your site by adding site URL to their Contributor to section.

How to Add a Site Link to a Google Profile

a. Go to author's Google profile.

b. Click on Edit Profile button.

c. Now click on Contributor to section.

d. Find and click Add custom link on imminent pop up.

e. Enter site name as Label and URL of site in respective fields.

f. Click Save button.

g. Now click Done Editing button on top.

2. Now you just need to link your site content to respective author profiles. Either you can link them directly to their Google profiles or via author profile page. Select relevant category and follow respective instructions from below.

Note: If you are a Blogger user, just integrate your Google+ profile to Blogger and continue to next step.


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